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      VIP service:4008-980-966-8
      • Custom business:4008-980-966-1
      • Join the business:4008-980-966-2
      • E-business:4008-980-966-3
      • Complaint&Suggestion for EVE VADO:4008-909-678-0
      • Sales&Service for EVE VADO:4008-909-678-1
      • Host TEL:010-63702255
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      Corporate Image

      • Responsibility


        Everyone in EVE GROUP all recognizes his responsibilities,takes serious actions to complete these responsibilities and consciously assumes the consequences

      • Sense of honor

        Everyone in EVE GROUP can finish the work with the spirit,fall the happiness,meaning of his success and development of enterprise together, and scale new heights for joy

        Sense of honor
      • Creativity


        Everyone? in? EVE? can? focus? on? new? technology,new methods? and?? new? things? around,challenge the traditional way of working,get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh,pursuit? excellence? in? terms? of? service,technology,products? and?? management, take? breakthrough? innovation? behaviors ?